Education Management Information System (EMIS)

Providing timely statistics and information for policy development, planning, budgeting and evidence-based management practices in Uganda's Education and Sports sector.

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Institution Profile

EMIS provides mechnism to view and manage the education institution’s profile information. This ranges from nature of ownership, location details to school governance.

Learner Details

The learner details form the core of EMIS statistics. Data is captured at learner-level to ensure reliability of the data. The details also include a unique Learner Identification Number (LIN) that will work alongside the NIN.

Human Capital

EMIS captures details of both teaching and non-teaching staff. This also includes the tracking of teacher transfers and their attendance information.


EMIS is able to record and manage information on the different types of school physical infrastructure including their status such as classrooms, teacher's houses, latrine stances, library/book stores etc.

School Facilities

This includes a compnet for tracking information for on key school facilities such as the available sports facilities in the institution.

EMIS Support

Users of EMIS can seek support on any issue using the in-built support module. The support team will provide feedback to address the issues raided.


Preprimary Schools


Primary Schools


Secondary Schools


Certificate Institutions


Diploma Institutions


Degree Institutions

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The EIA can visit the DEMIS portal at and click “Create User Account”. This will open a page with two options of creating an account; for those with EMIS number or those without.

The EIA can choose option one “With EMIS number”. This will open a form where the EIA will choose the category of their institution, enter the EMIS number and click Next button.

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